University of New Mexico School of Medicine

COVID-19 Education:

Communication & Education: This group of students has multiple ongoing student-led projects including Scrub off Racism aimed at combating COVID associated stigma towards individual groups, COVID public outreach for underserved communities, a weekly update COVID19 podcast, disseminating public information about COVID19 in English & Navajo to the Navajo Nation, Education for high school students about COVID19 & misinformation, and how to talk to elementary school-age kids about COVID19.

Contact Information:

Yazmin Irazoqui-Ruiz (, Estefania Montanez (

General Services:

Service to Patients & Healthcare Workers: This track also has many ongoing student led projects including UNMH Operator assist to help with COVID Calls, a bench research study on detection of COVID19 virus on exposed HCW skin & hospital fomites, Medical Student COVID response teams to help our UNM clinical and inpatient departments keep up with changing COVID recommendations and provide real time assistance to front leaders at UNMH, Face Shield 3D printing, COVID patient and provider experience Quality Improvement Project, PPE Community outreach & collection, UNMH Poison & Drug information center hotline phone assistance, NM Department of Health Advice Line Staffing, NM Department of Health Contact Tracing to help track the spread of COVID19, a quarantine canteen for providers to pick up pre-packaged meals from on the health sciences campus, childcare coordination using our medical students and other health sciences professionals as sitters & blood bank recruitment.

Contact Information:

Baillie Bronner (


Service to Self & Peers: Our service to self and peers track has multiple ongoing projects designed to improve wellness during the Social Distancing. Ongoing projects include an online wellness platform for students to engage with one another, a virtual running club where students can share their times & runs, exercise videos/workout plans posted for students to do at home, Puppies against pandemics to have virtual dog hangouts, zoom cooking with a med student, how to protect yourself while running errands, advice for 3rd year before starting clinicals, a space for students to reflect on how the pandemic has affected them on a personal & professional level, promoting wellness & resiliency & happy families, a reading, TV, & movie club, and finally a Spanish Language Club.

Contact Information:

Clare Batty (, Matty Chavez (, Rachel Rose (