Oregon Health & Science University School of Medicine


50 students have so far been matched with providers and are helping parents meet their childcare needs so they can return to work.

Contact Information:

Emily Lane (laneem@ohsu.edu)

Poverty and Assistance:

A small group of MD students led by Kelsey Priest, MD/PhD student, have created an online resource guide for individuals with substance use disorder to help keep them out of the ER during this time.

Contact Information:

Kelsey Priest (pdxaddiction@gmail.com)

Research and Data Collection:

Oregon Student Service Corps – We are an interprofessional team of Oregon future healthcare providers working to make a consolidated platform for action in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Through our OrSSC.org website, we provide an easily accessible, solution-oriented opportunity for students to redirect their energy to the collective good while continuing to progress in their academic training through service-learning.

Contact Information:

Jacob Johnson (johnjaco@ohsu.edu), Brett Lewis (lewibr@ohsu.edu)

Visitation and Check-In:

Social Connection Project – The project is a volunteer-led effort to increase social connection for people experiencing isolation as a result of the COVID-19 physical distancing mandate through regular phone check-ins and connection to community and social resources.

Contact Information:

Brett Lewis (lewibr@ohsu.edu)