Indiana University School of Medicine


Contacting Congress members about the measures needed during the pandemic via social media.

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Arvind Haran (

General Services:

Medical Student Council created two forms: medical students listed what they were comfortable with providing (childcare for less than 12 months, 1-5 months, e-learning only, errands only, etc.) and the other form allowed physicians to list what they needed. A small group of students then paired physicians and students based on best match. This system helps protect student and physician information. Cases where physicians that had been in contact with COVID-19 positive patients or had been in quarantine were managed on a case-by-case basis.

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Christina Huang, Megan Chiu, Abigail Brenner, Rebekah Roll, Gabe Garena (

Blood Drive:

Organized a blood drive for students.

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Aaron Gilani (

Resource Production and Acquisition:

Organized homemade mask production and collection and organized PPE donation collection for local hospitals that were accepting.

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Maria Khan (