The University of Arizona College of MedicinePhoenix

General Services:

The UA College of Medicine Phoenix has created a Covid Student Service Corps (CSSC) chapter! Our mission is to support Arizona health systems and their patients, workforce, and communities facing the COVID-19 pandemic through interprofessional student service-learning projects. We have many projects including those focused on education, PPE, food/resource programs, help lines, and epidemiological programs. More specific project types and descriptions are below with their respective student coordinators! If you have any questions or would like to help please reach out!


Twitter Handle: @Uacomp_CSSC

Contact Information:

Tory Prynn (

Research and Data Collection:

We have 3 epidemiological programs. We are working with the AZ Department of Health services to look at case studies. We also are working on starting a project with the Maricopa County Health Services. We are partnering with UA Tucson on teh SAFER program.

Contact Information:

Kaitlyn Simmons (

Academic Tutoring:

We have multiple education programs we are working on! Our Saturday Scrubs program where we teach high school students about medical tops has gone virtual. We also are partnering with local K-8 schools to create virtual activities for this age group. Additionally, we are starting virtual tutoring. We also have a program with New Hope, to help educate pregnant women.

Contact Information:

Akshara Malla (

Information Hotline:

We have three different helpline projects where our volunteers are able to answer these help lines. The first is a central bed availability line. We also are invovled in a crisis textline. Lastly, we have another opportunity with the Maricopa County Covid-19 call center.

Contact Information:

Melanie Schroeder (

Outreach and Social Media:

We have a new program called Prevention of Social Isolation, in hopes to offer virtual companionship via Zoom or letters to nursing homes in Arizona. We also have a few of our non-hospital clinical partners that we are working with to address any help or needs they have.

Contact Information:

Sara Yee (

Poverty and Assistance:

Our Street Medicine group has a project focused on collecting donations from our community and creating hygiene kits for our underserved populations. We also have an up and coming project called Hero Meals, where we are working on partnering with local restaurants to provide meals to the front line. This is in the beginning stages and if anyone has experience or connections with this, please reach out!

Contact Information:

Nicole Segaline (

Research and Data Collection:

We have students involved in a COVID-19 Student literature surveillance team where they read daily publications about covid, summarize them and post them on a website for the most uptodate information regarding this pandemic.

Contact Information:

Zainab Khan (

Resource Production and Acquisition:

We have multiple projects related to PPE. A large initiative is the COVID Innovation team who has multiple reasearch and engineering projects to create unique and effective solutions for the PPE shortage. We also have a medical material donation drive. Additionally, we have 2 projects dedicated to mask making, one for cloth masks and another for the Haylard H600 medical grade masks. We also have a project with the Maricopa County Health department to help with PPE distribution.

Contact Information:

Janell Tully (